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v9: Is Fear Of The Unknown Keeping You From What You Really Want?

What is it that you’re not doing that you wish you were doing because you’re afraid of what might happen?

The article below talks about fear of the unknown.  That fear acts as a barrier that keeps you from achieving new things and, ultimately, living the life you want to live.  In many cases fear of the unknown can masquerade as practicality or responsibility.

There’s an exercise in the article that I love.  It asks you to sit down and write out everything you want in your life.  Writing down your ideas is significantly different than simply thinking them.  When we think things, we tend to limit ourselves to what we’v already experienced or what’s practical.  Those limitations hold us back and keep us from getting the things we really want.

To Have What You Want You Must Give Up What’s Holding You Back

It’s also a good idea to be aware of where in yourself your wants originate.  Martha Beck talks about two selves:  the social self and the essential self.  For more on that and why it matters, check this out.

(FYI, I highly recommend Beck’s book)

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