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v70: Generative Art Series 13 of 13 . . . What’s next

Today wraps up the 13 week generative art series. When we started the series I wasn’t quite sure where it would take us or what would come out of it. I was initially concerned that I might run out of images, but I ended up with many more ideas than I needed.

It’s natural to question what’s next when you come to end of something. In this particular case, I’ve decided it’s time for a break from writing EF. I won’t say that it will never come back; I’m just ready to redirect the time and energy to other projects. It’s been fun to write for the past 70 or so weeks and there’s more content in me.

The past 13 weeks of generative art have been a good transition for where we’re going next. I’m still planning the specifics, but we’re going to discuss more about the process for making art. More specifically, even though generative art is interesting, it’s the physical expression of it that I find most interesting.

How do you take the ideas created with a machine that are informed by randomness and make them real? I like to think about it as manufacturing different realities.

Going forward, you can expect content to appear on the site every 2-4 weeks. There’s both written and video content coming.

It’s going to be fun. Stay tuned . . .

Generative Art Pen Plot p5.js
Generative pen plot created with p5.js and the Silhouette Cameo using lines and points. Basically, it’s three colors of lines from lines.


This Ben Hardy article on confidence is what I’ve been thinking about this week.

I’m pretty sure this video on how to hold a cat is the most practical link I’ve shared to date.

And this Eagles song has the right vibe for the moment . . .

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Satyam Shekhar Jha
Satyam Shekhar Jha
3 months ago

i really like all that you wrote