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v69: Generative Art Series 12 of 13 . . . Complexity

Lately I’ve been thinking about clarity of purpose and the role of writing in developing that purpose. Sometime in the past couple of years I started daily journaling. Initially, the ideas were pretty messy. Over time they started to get clearer.

Late last year I expanded my daily journaling to include writing out goals. It felt really unnatural at first because I fundamentally want to resist goals and structure. I kept doing it anyway.  As I worked goals into my regular journaling routine, I started to get clearer about what I want, what I’m working on and towards, and what I should be doing today (where today is every day).

Historically, I’ve avoided deliberate goal setting.  Additionally, I’ve had a tendency to introduce complexity without thinking about why. At least in my case, complexity is a place to hide because it creates chaos. It’s much easier to avoid failure when you don’t have clearly defined objectives. Unfortunately, avoiding failure is not the same as accomplishing things or success.

The image below uses lines to draw triangles with a bit of randomness to inform color, size, and location.

random triangles generative art p5.js pen plot


My goal during the week is usually sleeping around 7 hours so when I came across this article I was intrigued. It says that sleeping 6 hours is the same as not sleeping . . . does that I can skip sleeping some days and feel the same?

Have you seen the music video for the Pink Floyd song Money?  If not, it’s time to check it out . . .

Using alternative and repurposed materials for homes is really interesting and the inside of this shipping container home is beautiful.

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