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v67: Generative Art Series 10 of 13 . . . Simplify

Sound Wave Visualization Honeymoon Island Generative art

I’m guilty of introducing complexity into my pursuits and I’ve decided that it’s time to simplify. Specifically, I’ve decided to revise the format of Existential Friday going forward. The new format will have a much shorter chunk of writing (300 words max), one image, and the miscellany links. The goal is the same.  It’s to create an opportunity for reflection through questions and ideas.

In some ways we’re going back to how Existential Friday started. In case you don’t know, it started when we watched a video (on a Friday) about living authentically. The video triggered some strong reactions and reflection. The reflection naturally centered around ways of living or to give it a fancy name, existentialism.

Ultimately, Existential Friday is about the pursuit of curiosity and creativity.  It’s about pausing, looking around, asking questions, and exploring ideas.  There’s a unique perspective that comes from asking questions and seemingly irrelevant questions often lead to very interesting places.  In the end, curiosity as an action creates perspective and new ways of seeing the world.  Really, that’s what we’re after.

Now if you’re like me, you’d probably ask why (even if all of this seems like a good idea).

Here’s why:

  • Succinct writing requires a clear message and I want to get better at communicating with fewer words.
  • Length does not equal quality and most people don’t want to read long winded, half baked nonsense. Surprisingly, nonsense isn’t even all that fun to write.
  • It maintains the spirit of Existential Friday while freeing some time and energy for other activities (like making the weekly picture).

Did observant you just notice that the format this week vaguely resembles the revised format?

The image this week is a pen plot of a sound wave visualization.  It takes the sound of waves on a beach and plots the circles in a circle with location based on values from the sound.

Sound Wave Visualization Honeymoon Island Generative art


If you’ve hung out with me early in the morning you know there’s bound to be some old music happening.  This is what I’m listening to right now . . .

I don’t recommend many movies, but I saw Bohemian Rhapsody this past week and highly recommend it. It kept me up past 8 pm and made me think about how important it is to trust what you’re doing. Oh and aim to live bigger. Here’s the trailer.

This clip from the Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech is a good reminder to think about what we’re doing . . . plus it has some cool old photos.


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