v31: Really, What Can’t We Learn From Mr. Rogers?

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I watched a documentary last week. It was about love, listening to yourself, being authentic, and Mr. Rogers. Growing up I never really wanted to watch Mr. Rogers because, frankly, it just felt uncool. Even as a kid I could tell he wasn’t hip enough. Looking back, I love what he created.

The documentary was like the show. It touched on an incredible number of themes and looked deeper into what really matters. We all know the show became his life’s work. When people think of him, they’ll always remember Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Even though most of us don’t aspire to running a successful children’s show, the impact he had was wildly positive.

Looking at the end result of Fred’s career could also be discouraging. How can we have that scale of impact on the world? It’s easy to feel like the greatness of his work isn’t available to us until you realize one big, encouraging thing. He started Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood around the time he turned 40. He went on to produce the show for 33 years.

The encouraging aspect of his career is that starting late wasn’t a barrier to success. What mattered was follow through. The end result of his show is really the result of decades of work. Rogers showed up and did the work nobody else could do and he did it for a long time.

It’s easy to look back now and see a huge body of work, but none of it existed in 1968. Showing up and being present were big factors in his success. Additionally, everything he did was rooted in authenticity and love. Clearly there’s something to be said for those things as well.

I highly recommend you watch the documentary and find your own messages. Trust me, you will.

Here’s the trailer:



We all live on this little rock, so . . . thank you Patagonia.


Music lovers will appreciate this map.


Nothing will ever replace Lego’s for me, but PIXL still looks pretty cool.


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The image was created using p5.js, which is a JavaScript library for Processing.  It’s a simple piece of generative art.

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3 years ago

I really like the logo you designed. I’m trying to think of something clever and smart to say about it, but my caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.