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v3: Shift Your Focus and Start Thinking About The (Really) Long Run

When I first came across Seth Godin, I didn’t “get it.”  What he says is usually so obvious that you need to sit on it.  After you think about what he says, it sinks in.  After it sinks in, you see the brilliance in what he’s saying.

One of Seth’s amazing accomplishments is showing up.  Every day.  He’s been blogging since around 1989 and writes a daily blog.  His volume of work is great for creating perspective.

Sometimes we set out to accomplish something or learn something new.  We get really excited at the beginning and then lose interest.  We quit or don’t persist.  Fortunately, there is only a long road to mastery and persistence pays off for the right pursuits.  What really matters is showing up and constantly working to improve.

When do you feel qualified to be considered a master in a field?  Is it after a week, a month, a year, two years?  If you’ve been working at something for 5 years, is that too soon?  Once you pursue an activity for 5 years, the list of people who have done it that long starts to get small.  At 10 years it’s much smaller.  What does the world (and universe) see when you’ve been showing up for decades?

Seth looks at projects in terms of a lifetime of work.  When you think about projects in terms of 20+ years it shifts your focus.  What would you focus on given a multi-decade timeline?

Here’s what Seth has to say about The Short Run and The Long Run.

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