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v21: Stop Creating Your Future By Reasoning With The Universe

For years I was an Accountant and wanted to be a Trader.  Long before I quit Public Accounting for good, I was looking for opportunities.  They were hard to find and there’s a deep surplus of demand for trading positions.  Even thought I should have demanded more, I got soft and started reasoning with the universe.

I subconsciously decided that it seemed practical to “keep my options open.” Rather than focusing on trading opportunities, I thought about becoming a Financial Advisor, an Analyst, or really anything that didn’t involve Taxes.  It’s sort of like saying, “Yeah, I want this thing . . . let me see if I can find something like it instead.”  Bad plan.

We’re guaranteed to get things we don’t want when we pursue things we don’t really want.  Stop and think about that.

I learned about intention the hard way, slowly, and with repetition.  Believing the universe will help manifest our dreams is great, but we’re still responsible for the intention.  At the same time, our ideas about what’s possible can severely limit our ability to innovate.

When we can’t see how something will work out it’s because we’re imposing our constructs of what’s possible.  I accept that not “anything” is possible, but what is possible tends to be far greater than what we imagine.

Our challenge (maybe it should be our mandate) is breaking through our biases of what’s practical or possible. Innovation doesn’t come from what’s possible.  It comes from what hasn’t been done.  Yet.  What biases are you carrying around that limit what’s possible for you to create?

Obviously, this entire discussion ties back to Decentralized Manufacturing.

What if we could create things in our home instead of waiting for Chinese manufacturers to send metal boxes of goodies across the ocean?

Manufacturing goods in your home might seem far fetched, but 3D printers are starting to make some incredible things.  Digital books and music are just the beginning of Decentralized Manufacturing.

What if manufacturing in the future involves purchasing a file and printing out whatever we want on demand?  It seems far fetched now, but think about explaining the internet to a California Gold Miner in the 1800’s.  We need to stop limiting our idea of what’s possible to what exists now.

Here’s a company that’s printing Houses with Concrete:


And more on 3D Printing in general.


In the spirit of perspective, check out these pictures of a Wire Hon posing with his Super Hero toys.

Because there’s art . . . check out some of the other worldly ideas from Burning Man.



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