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v19: Change Your Habits And The Power Of Intention

I suspect my wife is trying to trick me into eating more leafy greens.  We’re in the process of moving across the country this week and she reminded me that moving is an opportunity to create new habits.  She’s right about habits and, of course, the benefits of vegetables.

Moving creates a new environment that breaks your mental patterns and mindless day to day motions.  Fortunately, you don’t need to move to create new habits.  You can use awareness to break your patterns and drive change.

How did you start your day?  Did you grab your phone and dive straight into email or social media before you rolled out of bed?  For most people, myself included, habit starts before we fully wake up.  Sure, screen addiction is probably a factor as well, but we’ll save that for another day.

Habit underlies why most people let a phone hijack their morning (even though we “know” it’s not the best idea).  What do you communicate to yourself when a screen guides your focus before you’ve fully entered the world for the day?

Most of us spend an incredible amount of time in routines.  If we’re more deliberate about how we spend our time, we can use the early part of our day for creative endeavors or what Cal Newport would call Deep Work.  Great accomplishments come from creative activities rather than regurgitated solutions.

The intention we put into our actions tends to drive satisfaction with outcomes.  Positive, deliberate habits can totally transform your life.  Sadly, it’s easy to fall into patterns of passive, mindless habits that don’t propel us forward.  Knowing we have unproductive habits is a good first step, but doing things differently is what matters.

Drones aren’t just for fun.  Check out this video on delivering medical supplies in hard to reach areas:

Here’s the page link.

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