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v18: Transition Is Part Of Setting Yourself Free

After grad school most of my classmates put on black department store suits and headed to cities for Public Accounting gigs.  I was skeptical about being an Accountant, but I took an internship with a small firm in an Idaho resort town.

After the first week of my internship, I told my parents I would NEVER be an Accountant.  It was, “Soooo boring.”

I spent the summer driving around the Idaho mountains with my “boss” in a white, 80’s VW Vanagon, a friendly Lab (Moka, pronounced Mocha), and seemingly bottomless cases of PBR.  Even though Accounting was boring, the fringe benefits were too good to pass up.  I softened my stance, became a CPA, and stayed there for 6 years.

A lot of my past seems funny, but it’s mostly in an after the fact sort of way.  I spent the better portion of a decade pursuing something I thought was both exceedingly practical and mind-numbingly boring.  Given the choice for a do over, I’d probably do it again.  I like to learn slowly.  The hard way.

We form identities around how we spend our time.  Since we spend most of our time at work, we tend to have some work identity.  However, those choices can change and there’s no need to remain static.  Transition is hard, but it’s a necessary part of setting yourself free.

Since we’re on the topic of transition, we should also think about reinvention.  James Altucher is the king of reinvention.

This one is unrelated and light . . . here’s a really cool graphic on land use in the US.

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