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v16: Getting Beyond Your Personal Crazy And Seeing The World Differently

Where are you right now?  I mean in your head, not physically.

Somewhere along the way I read that anxiety and fear are rooted in the future while regret is rooted in the past.  Living in the present is hard and we spend the majority of our time thinking about the future or the past.

Living outside of the present means we effectively live in our heads.  The same thoughts spin around over and over.  Having unproductive thoughts repetitively doesn’t tend to trigger progress (generally, there are exceptions).  Even if we aren’t always trying to make progress, getting beyond our personal crazy isn’t a bad thing.  People tend to point to “mindfulness” as a solution to being more present, but manifesting the solution is much harder than recognizing it.

Mindfulness has become the hot young blonde of Pop Psychology.  It’s also a tool for asking meaningful questions.  One of the things I think about is how our emotions are shaped by our interpretation of the world.  When we’re stuck in a a strong emotional state, it’s hard to control ourselves.  When we step back and recognize what we’re feeling, we have the potential to adjust what those feelings mean.  That’s powerful.

Our interpretation of the external world drives our behavior and actions.  It can be hard to accept, but we’re not always the best judge of what’s going on in our heads.  Now I’m not saying that reshaping our inner story is easy.  I’m just saying it’s possible.

The Simon Sinek video below is short, but the value is huge.  What if you could allow the world to exist (as it is) and change your reaction to it?

Being a cat dad is one of the best life decisions I’ve made.  For those of you have been thinking about getting a cat, this video is for you:

CATS! A Travel Music Video from Andrew Norton on Vimeo.

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