Mini Project: The “Real Plan” Financial Calculator

Do I have enough money to quit my job calculator

It’s relatively easy to budget and save when your financial situation is stable. However, life and money have a tendency to change and not all situations are stable.

The RealPlanCalc is built to answer questions about what happens when your financial situation changes in the future. Specifically, it illustrates how additional savings and income impact your future net worth. It can answer questions like:

  • How long can I live on my savings before I run out of money?
  • What happens if I lose or leave my job?
  • Do I have enough money saved to move out?
  • Do I have enough income to live without roommates?
  • What will it look like if my side business starts making money in the future?
  • What would happen if my partner left their job?
  • What will our net worth look like if we buy a house or car or (gasp) boat?

Rather than go into the details of how it works, you can click the link below and check it out. Enjoy . . .

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