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March Newsletter v4 (Video!): Visualizing What You Want and Working Larger

Large Format Acrylic Abstract Squeegee Paintings

I spend a lot of time visualizing what I want. What does my future self look like? What is the reality I want to create? Knowing those things, what would I be doing today.

I kept coming back to one realization. I want to larger. When I started painting I was painting on small 5.5″ pine and birch squares. The size got me comfortable and allowed me to finish pieces quickly. They also gave me practice in combining colors and choosing (or not choosing) a palette.

The more I painted, the more I started to feel like I wanted something more engaging. Part of that was an evolution of style, but another part was increasing size. As a result, I moved from 5.5″ squares to 16×20″, then 18×24″, then 30×30″, and a few days ago some 3’x4′ canvases appeared at the front door!

Size is an interesting variable in painting because it influences the experience. I’ve always been captivated by larger paintings because they draw you in. You can get lost in them and that’s an amazing feeling.

For some reason, it feels more natural to paint larger. Smaller paintings are more precise and larger paintings feel more free. The physical motion of moving paint over a larger surface is just different. I’ve been using up to an 18″ squeegee with the larger paintings.

On a practical note, I’m currently painting a series of three 30″ square canvases for our living room. My wife requested the set because our living room desperately needs some color. One is underway and I’m hoping to complete the set by mid April.

This month, I decided to shift some of our discussion to video. Check out the clip below for the video version of the March Newsletter. Enjoy:

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