Generative Art IVF Lucky Transfer T-Shirt

generative art tshirt p5.js

My wife and I welcomed two delightful girls into the world earlier this year. The process wasn’t easy. We struggled with infertility for years and had an IVF cycle that was a total bust.

Fortunately, we tried IVF a second time and, much to our surprise, ended up getting twins!

Somewhere along the way, we learned that people going through IVF like to wear “lucky transfer shirts” on the day of transfer. Rather than buy something, I decided to make my own. The shirt shown below is the design I wore for our transfer and the birth of our girls.

The circles grow horizontally to represent the growth of an embryo over time. You can order one for yourself through Teespring and wear it for your transfer or just wear it because you like it. (I’ve given a few as gifts as well)

IVF Lucky Transfer T-Shirt. Twins aren’t guaranteed, but one can hope!

Click here to get a shirt

Note: Teespring handles the printing and shipping for custom t-shirts. You’ll complete the order on their site.

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