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v63: Generative Art Series 6 of 13 . . . Sort and Simplify

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Kona Big Island Hawaii Beach Generative Abstract Art

I’ve never been particularly interested in drawing pictures of real things. For whatever reason, attempting to mirror reality feels stifling and stressful. I prefer Abstract Art because it evolves organically and provides a way to see things differently. Abstract art frequently develops without a specific destination. You might start of with a direction, idea, or […]

Generative Art

Cubic Disarray in p5.js

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Cubic Disarray p5.js

George Nees was an early adopter of generative art and design.  Cubic Disarray is one of his better known works (per the Google).  It’s also a simple, yet satisfying, p5.js project.  This post walks through creating the basic version of Cubic Disarray, adds color, and shows a printed version of the image. The Basics: At […]