Hi, I’m Dan and thanks for visiting. 

I’m an artist in the Tampa bay area.  I primarily make hard edge, geometric abstract art with colors that are inspired by a tropical environment.

Many artists have a statement about loving art their entire lives or painting and drawing from an early age.  My story is quite different.  I’ve always loved building things and taking everything apart to see how it works, but painting came much later.

I found my way to painting in my late 30’s during a rough work transition that felt like a loss of identity.  One day I woke up and said I wanted to be an artist (whatever that means).  I had always loved abstract paintings and wanted to learn how to make them myself. I bought an inexpensive acrylic paint set on Amazon and started painting.  

My early paintings were painfully bad, but that’s how all early learning goes.  However, one day I painted some hard edge triangles.  I’m naturally precise in things I build and the hard edges satisfied some natural tendency for precision.  I went through an extended period where I mainly painted hard edge triangles before introducing generative art and started exploring many other styles.

I’m drawn to the pursuit of clarity particularly as it relates to understanding ourselves. Art is a vehicle for learning about and trusting ourselves.  Making hard edge art seems very simple and creating appealing simplicity is often more challenging than complex.  I value creating simplicity well over complexity.  The art I make is about simplifying, slowing down, and taking the time to be here, now.  

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me any time.

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