Hi, this is Dan . . .

I make nature inspired abstract art that is sometimes informed by a generative process.  This site is a working directory of my art, ideas, and experiments. 

I’ve been fortunate to spend my life in beautiful places ranging from Hawaii to small Idaho ski town.  Living and recreating in beautiful places created a deep love and appreciation of nature that influences my work.  I’m currently located in the Tampa Bay area.  

I write about the following (and for the following reasons):

  • Abstract Painting – I don’t totally understand how painting works and am deeply interested in understanding how it works.
  • Writing about ideas – I constantly ask why and how about the world.  Writing down ideas down comes naturally and gives me a way to find additional clarity.
  • Code – I like making interesting and useful things.

What I’m Working on Now

Lately I’ve been learning to balance painting, writing, and code with newborn twins.  My initial finding is that it’s more challenging than balancing those things with two cats.

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